Volkswagen has consistently dismissed rumors the new Scirocco would be sold in the United States and about a year ago the carmaker’s sales and marketing chief Detlef Wittig blamed a weak U.S. dollar for the decision. Now VW's Tom Wegehaupt has put the kibosh on the U.S. Scirocco due to fear of cannibalization of GTI sales.

High interest from U.S. fans kept driving rumors that the car would still be coming to America, however, including a report that VW was considering releasing a limited-edition, high-powered model positioned above the Golf family's range-topping GTI.

The hopes were pegged on a strengthening dollar and the plan to protect itself from overlapping segments by introducing high-end models. But in the end it's all for naught.

"I can confirm Scirocco will not be coming to the U.S.," Wegehaupt told Edmunds at the New York Auto Show. "We couldn't make the business case for it. It would compete against the GTI, since it's the same powertrain with a body-style change."

Some might argue that the Audi A3 is in the same boat with regards to a similar powertrain, though it is undoubtedly targeted at a different segment. And the Scirocco isn't suited to going below the GTI's market position, leaving it only to compete with the GTI. For all the lamenting of U.S. fans of the Scirocco's look that's sure to take place, it's a good business decision, and one that many critics of the American carmakers will be all too glad to see VW make.