Japanese tuning house WedsSport has been racing a specially tuned Lexus IS350 in the Japanese Super GT since early in the current season, but now the performance workshop has turned its attention to the growing world of drifting. Sticking with the Lexus IS model, WedsSport has created a special drifter complete with a custom engine and steering system that will compete in the upcoming D1GP championship.

Under the hood sits arguably Toyota's most famous engine, the 2JZ-GTE unit. This motor is usually found in the Toyota Supra, in which it managed to make between 225hp (168kW) and 310hp (231kW). However, the engine found in the WedsSport Lexus IS350 drift car has been extensively modified, and now puts out around 780hp (582kW) thanks to its HKS-sourced T04Z turbocharger and high-flow exhaust system.

A custom handling package, as well as an upgraded clutch and transmission, will help the car channel all that raw power to the road and hopefully pull off some spectacular drifts. In addition to producing a lot more power, the WedsSport Lexus IS350 drift car also features a custom widebody kit, a giant spoiler, and the usual manufacturer livery found on most drift cars.

Following its debut in the Japanese D1GP later this year, the car is destined to make a number of international appearances, including a showing in the U.S. early next year.