Mini’s lineup is soon to expand with the launch of a new soft-roader model based on the recent crossover concept unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, but there will be one more model to come in addition to the current Cooper, Cabrio and Clubman line of cars. Since the launch of the Mark II model in 2006 BMW execs have had a five model plan for the Mini brand.

Mini is quickly growing to become a full-line vehicle manufacturer, and this is causing some to fear that the brand is losing its identity - especially when it comes to size. Speaking with Edmunds, Mini’s global brand manager Dr. Wolfgang Armbrecht revealed that there are no plans to introduce anything bigger than the crossover. "While I am working in this job no Mini will be longer than 4.1m,” Armbrecht told reporters.

He revealed that the crossover will be launched in 2010 for the 2011 model year and will be followed in 2012 by a new compact car about the same size as the Volkswagen Polo. The new model will fit in the growing minicar segment, what BMW calls the UKL1, and will likely be co-developed with Fiat, which plans to launch its own version. BMW, too, is expected to have its own minicar based on the same platform.

Armbrecht described the car as needing to be “very cute” yet still sporty.

BMW recently joined forces with Fiat to investigate possible synergies and one of the first fruits of this venture is expected to be a new minicar platform. Fiat is reportedly planning to revive its Topolino nameplate while BMW is investigating the feasibility of launching a new minicar through its recently established Project i division.