C’mon, admit it, you’ve all done it at least once. Apparently one in five British drivers admit to checking themselves out in shop windows as they drive by, according to a study conducted by Peugeot in Britain. Further, it seems one in four British motorists (26%) dream of being seen in a car that makes other people jealous.

Some of the statistics are down-right shocking. Do a third of British men really need their car to be admired by passers-by? According to the results, they do. People today truly believe that what they drive has a big impact on how they are perceived, 19% even admit that it seriously boosts their confidence to be seen in a stylish vehicle.

The results get even stranger. 1 out of every 20 of the respondents surveyed admitted to taking a different route to avoid being noticed, that equates to roughly 5% of British motorists or about 1.2 million cars going out of their way to avoid embarrassment.

Ahh.. the things we do.

[Source: Peugeot]