You may remember our earlier post about the future plans of AMG; well it looks like they've already released their first model under the new structure. These are images of the SLK55 AMG Black Series, which has undergone weight reduction and some engine work and now puts out 400hp.

The German tuner is planning to diversify its range of products into three categories: the Signature Series which will be the highly exclusive performance range, with products similar to the CLK DTM, the Black Series, which are basically more highly tuned versions of AMG’s current lineup, and bottoming out the range is the Edition Series, which are basically cars that are tricked out with AMG cosmetic enhancements (read: new wheels and bodykits).

The new design studio will even allow customers to fully customize their orders with different interior colours and materials, including new audio products as well. Just what AMG needs, further dilution of the brand. What’s next, the AMG B65 Kompressor?

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