While it’s not uncommon for an automaker to compare its product with a rival’s offering for marketing purposes, a new video from Lexus comparing the 2015 RC 350 with a 2015 BMW 435i is downright bizarre. We would even go as far as to say that it borders on desperation.

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In the video, a Lexus spokeswoman from something called the Lexus College points out factors that make the RC 350 a better buy than the 435i. Unfortunately, some of these are subjective, like the RC’s “innovative” and “eye-catching” styling.

And when it comes to things you can measure, like engine output, Lexus accurately points out that the 306 horsepower of the RC 350’s naturally-aspirated V-6 is higher than the 300 hp of the 435i’s turbocharged in-line six, but fails to mention that the BMW has more torque. In this case, 300 pound-feet for the BMW versus the Lexus’ 277 lb-ft.

The 435i will also reach 60 mph from rest 0.5 of a second quicker than the RC 350, 5.3 seconds for the BMW versus 5.8 seconds for the Lexus, which isn't mentioned in the video. And to make matters worse, even BMW’s 240-hp 428i will outrun the RC 350 to 60 mph, as it needs just 5.7 seconds for the feat.

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This isn’t to say that the RC is a bad car, as we especially like it in RC F trim, but it would probably have been better for Lexus to make a video pointing out the car's long list of merits in isolation. We bet most shoppers will be smart enough to do their own research before making a purchase choice, anyway.


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