A small UK firm has created the world’s first hybrid Mini in the form of the PML Mini QED. The unique green machine is powered by four electric motors, one in every wheel, each with 160bhp (120kW) - 640bhp (480kW) in total.

Unlike conventional hybrids, this version uses a small gasoline engine for charging the batteries, and instead of brakes, the car is slowed down via regenerative braking. The motors themselves act as brakes, charging up the batteries in the process. Further, once you arrive at home you can top up the batteries by simply plugging into a mains outlet.

With all this tech on board, the hybrid Mini can burn some serious rubber. 0-60mph takes just 4.5 seconds and top speed is 150mph. The car has total range of roughly 932 miles (1500km) and with the aid of the gasoline motor for charging, achieves a fuel mileage of 80mpg.

[Source: treehugger]