Despite what numerous other blogs have reported, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is not in any way dumping his fleet of Hummers. Where did rumor start? One report suggests that Al Gore might have mentioned it, or maybe it was because Arnie is about to sign a new greenhouse gasses bill next week. Either way, the Hummers are here to stay. In fact Arnie is still in possession of four Hummers under his name plus a special hydrogen powered version that’s owned by GM.

The Schwarzenegger and Hummer names simply go together. Back in 1992, the famous republican became the first private citizen to own a Hummer and since then he has probably helped more than anyone in introducing the brand to the US consumer market. Many environmental groups have urged the Gov. to go hybrid, but it seems that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

A final note on Schwarzenegger’s attitude towards Bill Lockyer and the lawsuit against the major car companies - the Governator is yet to read the suit and isn’t familiar with it.