Thanks to the recent regulatory changes that ban diesel fuels with high sulfur content many, new and exciting cars that require this fuel won’t be coming here. Unfortunately for Volkswagen, many of the vehicles in question wear the VW badge. Cars that don’t meet the new standards include the new Jetta sedan, Rabbit or TDI versions of the Beetle. VW will have to withdraw the cars from the US market, but will continue to sell them in Canada, where the regulations are different. To get around this ban VW is fighting back by developing a new 2008 TDI Jetta.

The car required the development of a new 2.0-litre diesel engine that met the 50 state clean air certification and works without the need for urea injection of the exhaust. Instead the clean Jetta treats the exhaust gases with a revised catalytic converter and particulate filters. Final power figures are 140hp and 240ft-lbs of torque. The particular vehicle caught here was an up-market version complete with an integrated navigation system, premium seats and unique headlights. Hopefully this means that VW’s other TDI cars may be on their way to the US.

Source: TDIclub | Via Autoblog