General Motors has confirmed that it will sell the Holden designed Commodore in America under the Pontiac label. Australian journalists who tout the car as a BMW rival are so in love with it that they forget that its commonly used as taxis and that it often suffers from reliability issues. GM will wait until the Chicago motor show in 2007 to unveil the American version of the car.

Bob Lutz at the Paris Motor Show suggested that the new car will definitely be a Pontiac and it would receive some visual changes including a new nose. Previously, Pontiac sold the previous model Monaro coupe as the Pontiac GTO, but only 18,000 units were delivered due to strict union rules. Depending on how popular the Commodore sells in the US, GM may even start building it over here.

Click here to see some comments on Australian website’s blog regarding claims that the Commodore is a genuine BMW rival. Holden always harks on about how much better the new model is over the old one – then all the problems start. Faulty engines, dodgy gearboxes and terrible fit and finish are among the list of common problems for the Commodore. Considering GM's reputation for quality, we highly doubt this car will ever be a credible BMW rival, no matter how many high-tech toys or leather trim options you throw at it.

The point here is that this is not an indication of how good the Commodore is, rather a reflection on the state of GM's cars in the U.S.