Niche vehicle manufacturer GTM Cars, based in Coventry in the UK, has confirmed that it will build an enviro-friendly track car to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Labeled the GTM 40TR (Track and Race), the ultra light racing car could potentially run on biofuel and reach 60mph from rest in under four seconds. Featuring an exposed aluminum super-structure and running a 220bhp 2.0L Type R engine sourced from Honda, the small two-seater should reach speeds of over 150mph.

A biofuel version that’s also in development could be entered in a new racing series linked to the Energy Efficient Motor-Sports initiative. Design work for the 40TR was completed in a joint venture with another UK firm, Stadco Engineering. Currently, it’s being built for track use only but a road-going version is possible if demand dictates it. Estimated price is between £14,000 to £16,000 with the first test-drives expected by the middle of next month.

GTM Cars’s General Manager commented that “the GTM 40TR offers racing enthusiasts something different with its ultra light construction. It is extremely fast and superb value for money,” adding that it brings the company back to its roots of manufacturing cars for track use.