Jaguar lost more than $715 million last year, and is set to lose another $550 million this year, according to a report from the Detroit News. Analysts are predicting the company will lose a further $300 million in 2008 and will remain unprofitable for at least the next several years. Ford was unwilling to comment about Jaguar’s dismal results but its CEO Alan Mulally did announce previously that Ford has no intentions of selling the troubled brand.

Ford would have a tough time trying to find a suitable buyer, but analysts are keen to see the No. 2 US carmaker drop Jaguar from its Premier Auto Group division. Jaguar's sales were down nearly 32% for 2006 in the US, the company's largest market, and its results are dragging down those of the entire PAG lineup.

Jaguar may be on the turnaround thanks to the new XK coupe and the C-XF concept car, which stunned show goers at the recent Detroit Auto Show. However, until the company launches a new entry-level X-type and a redesigned XJ flagship, they’ll still find it hard to return a profit.