Update: Porsche is rejecting the claims made by Germany’s B&D Forecast, pointing out that the computation used is misleading. Porsche cites that part of its profit came from special one-off events that have nothing to do with its core business of building cars. As already reported, a significant portion of Porsche’s profits came from its investment in Volkswagen AG. The company states that it’s dubious to include such special effects into the calculation of its profit made from sales.

Original article: A recent study has found that German sports carmaker Porsche earns significantly more in profit from each of its sales than any other car manufacturer in the world. The result was printed in German newspaper Welt am Sonntag, citing a study by B&D Forecast. On average, Porsche earned a massive €21,799 of profit before tax on every vehicle it sold last year.

For the last financial year, Porsche sold over 97,000 vehicles and charted a record gain of €2.1 billion in profits before tax. A significant portion of the company’s profits came from increased return from its stake in Volkswagen Group but the Stuttgart carmaker still beats the competition by a significant margin. As far as profits are concerned, the world’s carmakers will be trailing Porsche for some time to come.