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  • 2012 Jaguar XF

    To compete against luxury AWD sedans from Audi, BMW and Mercedes, Jaguar is developing AWD drivetrains for some of its cars.

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    Could Jaguar's X-Type Replacement Go Front-Wheel Drive?

    Jaguar's upcoming compact sedan will be smaller and more fuel efficient than previous offerings, and sources say it will be built on a front drive platform.

  • 2008 Jaguar X-Type
    Jaguar Cruise Control 'May Not Respond To Normal Inputs'

    Jaguar has discovered a problem with UK-market X-type diesel models; thanks to a software glitch, the cruise control may not respond to customer input.

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    Jaguar Crossover To Get Aluminum Body, Ian Callum Design: Report

    The purists may hate the thought of it, but in this global economic environment a luxurious crossover looks to be a necessity if Jaguar hopes to remain viable in the future. Not only are the high-riding models crucial for gaining a foothold in emerging markets such as Russia, India and China, where...

  • 2011 Bertone B99 Jaguar concept
    2011 Bertone B99 Jaguar Concept Live Photos: 2011 Geneva Motor Show

    Classic Jaguar lines in a modern, smaller package? Yes, please. Bertone has the answer with its B99 Concept, which could preview a future X-Type replacement from the Tata-owned British company. Under the lights in Geneva, the Bertone B99 certainly looks the part of a nearly-production concept, with...

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    First Details On Jaguar’s Replacement For The X-Type

    Jaguar's XF and new 2010 XJ sedans have made waves in the sport-luxury seas, bringing a newer, fresher face to what was once a bit of a stodgy lineup. Now it looks like Jaguar may be planning even more boat-rocking, with several new models in the pipeline including a sports car, a BMW 3-Series...

  • jaguar x type

    Poor unloved Jaguar X-Type--the memorial service won't be the media circus of some other recent farewells, will it? The compact luxury sedan has finally met its maker. Production will end in December, reports Autocar, and there will end the massive experiment that probably signaled the end of Ford's long involvement with the brand. Hopes were high in 2002 when Ford added a reworked Mondeo to the Jaguar lineup. With all-wheel drive, goggle-eyed styling and a chintzy interior by brand standards, the Jaguar X-Type won positive reviews for its handling--but not much more. At a time when Lexus...

  • The Jaguar XF Sedan
    Jaguar-Land Rover sheds 850 jobs, remains in aid talks

    Since Tata purchased Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford earlier this year, things have been looking decidedly up for both brands. Jaguar even posted its first sales increase in two years in May, largely as a result of the successful XF debut. Now, however, the realities of the global economy are...

  • Jaguar-Land Rover faces production cuts, layoffs
    Jaguar-Land Rover faces production cuts, layoffs

    Slumping sales at Jaguar and Land Rover have prompted the companies to cut their workforce by 300 jobs, eliminating two shifts at the Solihull production facility. Further cutbacks are expected next month as well, costing three shifts at the Halewood factory where the Jaguar X-Type is built. The...

  • Jaguar sales expected to double with Tata help
    Jaguar sales expected to double with Tata help

    Jaguar finally changed hands this week with Indian carmaker Tata paying $2.3 billion for both the luxury brand and Land Rover. Although this seems like good value for Tata, Jaguar’s performance of late has been dire. The carmaker sold less than 54,000 units in all of 2007, down from about...

  • Jaguar, Land Rover talks move to engines and logistics
    Jaguar, Land Rover talks move to engines and logistics

    As the sale of Ford’s Jaguar and Land Rover to India’s Tata Motors comes closer to fruition, sources close to the negotiations say that engines and engine technology have become the hot issues on the table. According to a report in the Detroit News, engine logistics and technology are...

  • Update: Jaguar updates X-Type, drops it from U.S. lineup
    Update: Jaguar updates X-Type, drops it from U.S. lineup

    Updated: Jaguar has announced today that the entry-level X-Type range will be dropped from the U.S. market as soon as the new XF arrives. Production of the U.S. spec cars will be ceasing at the end of the year and sales should wind up by the end of the first quarter next year by about which time...

  • Jaguar reveals updated XK and X-Type

    Despite its money troubles Jaguar is plugging away at the model updates, this time revealing enhanced versions of the XK and X-Type to usher in the 2008 model year. The XK coupe gets a new antenna mounted into the rear spoiler, new aluminum or wooden trim and chrome highlights for the controls, while the high-performance supercharged XKR gets new 20in double five-spoke Senta alloy wheels, Jaguar’s premium stereo and bright finish alloy pedals as standard. The XKR features the same 4.2L supercharged V8 as the outgoing version, which outputs 420bhp and 560Nm of torque. The performance...

  • Jaguar won’t follow rivals with high volumes
    Jaguar won’t follow rivals with high volumes

    The Jaguar label has always had a little more flair and prestige than its rivals, a trait its management would like to maintain by reducing the volume of cars it sells. Jaguar won’t be following brands like Mercedes-Benz and BMW, which have been creating new models to fill niches not normally...

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    Jaguar considers dropping the X-Type, hopes ride on the new XF

    Jaguar’s financial woes and restructuring plans may see its most popular model dropped from its lineup. In order to mimic successful strategies used by Porsche, Jaguar’s future will likely see it sell lower volumes of high-profit models. This means out with the current X-Type and in...

  • Report: Jaguar lost $715 million in 2006
    Report: Jaguar lost $715 million in 2006

    Jaguar lost more than $715 million last year, and is set to lose another $550 million this year, according to a report from the Detroit News. Analysts are predicting the company will lose a further $300 million in 2008 and will remain unprofitable for at least the next several years. Ford was...

  • It’s make or break time for Jaguar
    It’s make or break time for Jaguar

    Ford, like GM can no longer afford to keep loosing money from its subsidiaries. After a recent second-quarter loss of $123 million, Ford has called in the bean-counters to slash and burn away unprofitable assets. Leading the charge is former Goldman Sachs man Kenneth Leet, who will start at one of...

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