General Motors may be adding more rear-wheel-drive cars to its lineup including a possible replacement for the GTO coupe. Although GM’s board is yet to confirm any plans, details have already leaked about several rear-drive vehicles in development other than the Camaro and V12 Cadillac saloon.

In an interview with TheCarConnection, Buick general manager Steve Shannon mentioned that a rear-wheel-drive Lucerne or Lucerne replacement was being considered. GM is also tipped to be working on another rear-wheel drive Buick in China that will be based on the same Zeta architecture used for the upcoming Pontiac G8.

Finally, we may also see a new V8 powered Impala from Chevrolet as well as a new GTO coupe based on the upcoming Camaro. The development of the new Zeta platform has provided GM with the option to create new models across its lineup at a substantially lower cost than developing each model individually. We just hope being behind the wheel of the new GTO won’t feel like you’re driving a Buick.