A man charged with doing 127mph in a 35 zone in Illinois has had his car turned over to local police, who have subsequently converted it into a patrol car. The car in question is a black 2000 model-year Dodge Viper with a cognac leather interior. Since joining the police fleet, the Viper has been given a new black and white paintjob and fitted with a siren and lights.

The car been enlisted into the police’s D.A.R.E. unit and will be used at community events, block parties, parades and schools, reports the Herald News.

The reason for the harsh penalty is not only because of speeding, but because police had to chase the driver, who continued to swerve through traffic and attempted to hide in a parking lot.

While being fingerprinted, the driver requested that the car be stored under shelter because of its like-new condition. Little did he know that he was about to lose the keys to his pride and joy.