Renault is close to finalizing the design for a new coupe version of its recently revealed Laguna. The new two-door will be launched roughly 12 months after the introduction of the sedan and estate models, and will round out the lineup as the carmaker’s new flagship.

Styling will be heavily influenced by the Fluence concept (pictured) that was unveiled back in 2004. Measuring close to 4.7m in length, the new coupe will be a genuine 2+2 GT and its interior will be lifted directly out of the sedan.

Like the Fluence concept, the new Laguna coupe will likely feature a Nissan-sourced V6 powerplant for the range topper, with four-cylinder petrol and several diesel engines available for less expensive versions. Renault will offer both a six-speed manual and six-speed auto as options for the transmission.

Some of the goodies carried over from the sedan will include an electric handbrake, remote engine starting, and xenon lights, plus uprated suspension, increased sound-proofing and a closer-ratio steering set-up.