Hot rod legend Chip Foose is set to revive the glory days of the 1930’s by building a limited run of Duesenberg-inspired mega-coupes at a price of $299,000 a piece. Only 50 of the limited edition coupes are set to be produced in a partnership between Foose and family-owned Metalcrafters.

The cars will feature an open-wheel hot-rod design and only two units are expected to be completed per month at Metalcrafters’s southern California plant, reports Automotive News. Many of the mainstream automakers such as Ford, Nissan, GM, Chrysler and Hyundai employ Metalcrafters to convert their mock concept cars into fully working prototypes, but, with revenues estimated at less than $30 million, this latest project is a monumental task for the small company.

Each customer that orders one of the new Foose coupes will be involved at almost every decision that’s made concerning the car, from developing the initial design with Foose to selecting the right color on a one-to-one basis with the painter.