Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn has once again expressed interest over a possible a tie-up with one of America’s Detroit 3 carmakers. News of Ghosn and his US alliance dreams first surfaced a year ago when it was revealed that Renault-Nissan were conducting talks with General Motors. Following a breakdown in the talks late last year Ghosn told the Financial Times that he was still interested in such an alliance but at a later date.

Since then, Renault has commenced talks with India’s Bajaj to produce low-priced models for the Indian market, and, to Ghosn, forming an alliance remains a “good strategy.”

However, the CEO has denied that neither Renault nor Nissan are in any talks with other carmakers but admits he’s open to a new partnership if it’s strategically beneficial. As for previous rumors that Renault-Nissan were also interested in acquiring Volvo, Ghosn has flatly denied this as well.