Videogame maker Nintendo has overtaken industry heavyweights such as Honda and Nissan to become the fifth most valuable company in Japan on the back of recent positive profit results. Thanks largely to the new Wii console and the DS handheld console, Nintendo was able to improve sales and has overtaken arch-rivals Microsoft and Sony in key markets, pushing its market capitalization sky-high.

Other companies pushed out of the way include NTT (Japan’s biggest telco) and Sony, the maker of the Playstation consoles and one of Nintendo's biggest rivals. The company you've got to feel sorry for the most, however, is Honda. Here’s a company that has been building some of the most reliable and highly engineered cars for almost 60 years and it’s now overtaken by a company that can attribute most of its success to a couple of Italian plumbers and a gorilla. Soichiro Honda must be turning in his grave.