Execs at Opel are reportedly planning to launch a new version of the Omega large sedan based on GM’s new RWD Zeta platform. The new Opel flagship will be jointly developed by fellow GM subsidiary Holden at its Australian design center, where it joins several other global projects including the new Camaro and Impala.

If built, the car would feature a RWD configuration and the choice of either GM’s 3.6L 265hp HFV6 or a 6.0L V8 engine with 365hp on tap. There are still several key decisions to be made, first of which is whether the car will even enter production. Last month Opel boss Carl-Peter Forster commented that Opel will not produce a model positioned above the upcoming Vectra range, but, according to Germany’s AutoZeitung, execs are considering green lighting the project.

To ensure its success, the new model may be designed as a new crossover or MPV in a similar style to the Insignia crossover from 2003. There are also suggestions that it won’t be called the Omega and that it could be produced in Australia in limited numbers.