Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer has confirmed that the automaker is considering a new supercar; one destined for the road like the One-77 launched earlier this decade rather than the more recent Vulcan track special.

Speaking with Auto Express, Palmer said Aston Martin is looking to make a decision on a new supercar by the end of the year but is in no hurry to launch such a car. He said any new supercar, if given the green light, was a long way off.

Talk of a new Aston Martin supercar heated up recently when reports emerged claiming famed Formula One designer Adrian Newey, the aerodynamicist behind Red Bull Racing’s string of successful race cars, was linked with the project. Palmer has thrown cold water on the Newey link, however, stating that there was no such program.

Palmer is correct in not prioritizing a new supercar at Aston Martin. The cash-strapped automaker is in the process of renewing its aging lineup as well as developing some more profitable, higher volume models like a new SUV. The first all-new Aston Martin in years will arrive next year in the form of a DB9 replacement. It will likely be followed by a Vantage replacement, after which we’re likely to see the aforementioned SUV. Other additions will be a new sedan and a replacement for the Vanquish.

Pictured above is Aston Martin’s DP-100 concept car designed for the Gran Turismo 6 video game. It was penned by a team led by current Aston Martin design chief Marek Reichman and is said to hint at some of the styling themes for the automaker’s future lineup.


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