When you first take a look at this video, you can't help but think it must be a joke. Surely that excavator isn't going to rip apart a $200,000 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. Nobody could be so stupid. Well, they can.

Next you think that they will stop and save some of the parts. Certainly they must be valuable.

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Those gullwing doors. For the love of all that is pure and true, they will save the gullwing doors! Nope.

The sport bucket seats. My collector car could use a better set of seats. Can I have them? Nope.

The engine. Please tell me they're going to save 583 German horses? Nope.

OK, OK. At least they'll save the wheels and tires. They have to be worth a couple thousand bucks. Nope.

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The job of that excavator operator is to demolish not only that car, but the hopes and dreams of automotive enthusiasts everywhere.

He must be a masochist, too. Rather than a quick death, the poor Mercedes must undergo 7:00 minutes of slow, arduous torture.

It's too much for me to watch. Someone please turn it off.


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