Taking your car to the Nürburgring is surely a bucket list item for many a car enthusiast. This one-way stretch of road allows you to test yourself and your machine at the limit. Being out on the limit is a dangerous place to spend time, because as soon as you go past that invisible edge bad stuff can happen. The owner of a previous-generation Dodge Viper SRT10 Roadster recently found this out when the rear stepped out on him in a corner at the 'Ring. When the snake bites, it bites hard.

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The crash video comes from YouTube user Erich Müller Sassen and is a great discussion point in the ongoing argument about street cars driven on the track and whether helmets should be worn within them. Some argue that a vehicle not equipped with a roll cage, with all of its airbags still intact, does not need its occupants to be wearing helmets. The safety systems of the vehicle are more than enough to protect you in a crash, and the helmet merely adds mass to your head at this point. That's one side of the coin.

The other is that you'd be foolish to not wear a helmet when you're out on the track. You're pushing your car to its aforementioned limits, and you should protect your head while doing so in case it all goes wrong. The driver and passenger had no such head protection in this Viper crash. They seem fine initially, but by the way they're both holding their heads you know their in for some seriously stiff and sore necks for a few days. Additionally, the passenger should get checked out for a concussion just to be safe. Thankfully that glass had a lot of give since it's frameless.

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We've seen compelling arguments for both sides of the street car-helmet discussion. This video makes us hug our helmets and neck restraints a little tighter.


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