Phil Bachman seems like a nice, southern man living a comfortable life from his home in Tennessee. He also has a lovely garage, and he's filled it with a number of cars. It might not be the spot you'd expect to see a truly great collection of over 40 Ferrari automobiles, but this small dot on the Tennessee map is just that place. Inside Bachman's garage you'll notice an abundance of yellow, as that's the preferred color of his extensive collection. Photographer Clint Davis trekked out to visit with Bachman and shoot his collection for a magazine spread. This video takes you behind the scenes.

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According to the DuPont Registry, Bachman seems to prefer more contemporary Ferrari examples but he has a few older models as well. Additionally, Bachman has the only yellow Ferrari FXX in the world. We assumed these were supposed to be locked up tight behind the gates at Maranello, but it seems the owner gets to visit with his on occasion. The car does travel extensively, though, and Bachman has driven it at race tracks around the world.

The location for the collection is beautiful and the photographer Davis does a wonderful job of capturing the vehicles. He also captures the people behind the cars. You can read his work in Forza-Magazine, and it's worth it for the photos alone.

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