Information revealed yesterday in a UAW document outlined GM’s plans to install a dual-clutch gearbox in the C7 Corvette and now we have reports that it might feature an AWD system as well. GM and Sweden’s Haldex have developed a new performance AWD system called XWD that debuted in the facelifted Saab 9-3. The AWD system features an electronic differential and can send up to 85% of torque to an individual wheel to prevent slippage, whether it's from a fast corner or when trying to put power to the ground.

Engineers at a Haldex plant in Sweden were recently spotted working on a new GM prototype with a rear-track much wider than that of any current Saab and this is thought to be a test-mule for the next-generation Corvette. A new Haldex facility being set-up in Mexico could soon see development of the AWD Corvette prototype head to North America.

GM hasn’t revealed any official details about the next Corvette apart from the fact that it will retain the front-engine layout. According to parts suppliers, a mid-engine layout was ruled out because of the costs involved in developing such a car. Developers are instead looking at AWD traction to improve the Corvette’s track performance. We already know what it’s capable of with just RWD. Now imagine what an AWD Corvette with more than 600hp could do to the competition.