More details about GM’s future plans have emerged from the last week’s release of official documents by the UAW outlining plant allocations for its new products. Earlier today we reported that GM is yet to designate a brand for its upcoming Volt plug-in hybrid and now we have news the General could introduce dual-clutch transmissions for the next-generation Corvette due in 2012 and possibly a facelifted Cadillac CTS due around the same time.

One of the posters on GMInsideNews noticed the statement “RWD DCT for NG Corvette will be allocated (2012)” printed on page 69 of one of the documents detailing plans for GM’s Toledo plant. We’d be very surprised if GM was still without a dual-clutch transmission within the next year or two considering most rivals are already planning the roll-out of the superior gearboxes, so an introduction on the Corvette is highly likely.

As for the new C7, rumors on this car are rife with some suggesting power levels above 600hp for the top end models and some even suggesting a mid-engine layout. Though we’re highly doubtful of some of these claims we do know engineers are focusing on drivetrain and weight distribution for the new model, as revealed by GM’s VP of global product development Jim Queen earlier in the year.