The marketing types over at Volkswagen want us to think ‘VW’ when we think of cars so they’ve launched a new campaign with the simple tagline “Das Auto,” German for “The Car.” VW used the backdrop of last month’s Frankfurt Motor Show to launch its new TV and print campaign across Germany and you can be sure it will be spreading across the globe in no time.

VW’s previous tagline was “Aus Liebe zum Automobil,” which was launched at the 2003 Frankfurt Show and translates into “For the love of the automobile.” Unlike the previous slogan, the new one is better because it translates to roughly the same meaning in many of the world’s major languages, reports Automotive News.

The slogan is meant to work in the same way as Coca-Cola is to cola soft-drinks and Hoover is to the vacuum cleaner. Somehow we doubt people will start saying ‘VW’ when they want to say car but try telling that to the Macchiato sipping marketers.