Ford's 'kinetic' design theme has its fans and foes, but whatever one thinks of the theme in general, it does fit the Mondeo well. The newest member of the Mondeo family, the XR5 Turbo, even manages to come across as an aggressive, eager sedan. The forward stance and sleek profile combine to give the impression the car is yearning to sprint off the line.

Powered by the same 20-valve 2.5L Duratec five-cylinder turbocharged engine found in the Focus XR5 Turbo, the new Mondeo slots in alongside its XR brethren. Power peaks at 162kW (217hp) at 5,000rpm. Torque of 320Nm (236lb-ft) is available from an impressively low 1,500rpm. Ford makes an interesting choice by only offering the six-speed manual transmission on the XR5 Turbo, to ensure the sports-performance pedigree remains intact. Fuel efficiency is rated at 9.5L/100km (25mpg).

Keyless start via a 'Ford Power' button inside the car adds a race-inspired touch. A lowered sport suspension, 18-inch alloy wheels and performance body kit complete the XR image for the turbo Mondeo. Included in the body kit are unique front and rear bumpers, fog lamps, and unique upper and lower grilles and rocker panel moulding.

Ford's new Human Machine Interface (HMI) system is also available. Offering easily accessible steering wheel mounted controls and an easy to read, well-located display means the driver need not take their hands from the wheel to adjust the radio, talk on the phone, or change other settings. Unique to the XR5 Turbo's HMI is an enhanced cluster display featuring a 15cm premium color screen.