General Motors will once again have one of the biggest displays at the upcoming SEMA Auto Show with no less than 28 modified cars, trucks and SUVs set to grace its stands. This year GM will be presenting a ‘green’ performance theme by unveiling a slew of modified cars capable of using E85 ethanol plus several ultra-efficient sports cars. The lineup will be headlined by an E85-powered Corvette Z06 owned by Jay Leno that packs a 8.2L V8 developing over 600hp.

Also on display will be a FlexFuel Chevy hot-rod built by GM Performance Division, which was inspired by the early muscle cars from the 1940s and 1950s. Under its hood will be a 500hp FlexFuel version of a turbocharged Ecotec engine.

In addition to the alternative-fueled performers in the display, GM will also use the SEMA platform to introduce some influential concepts and production models, including the Pontiac Solstice SD-290 concept (pictured). Pontiac will also have 50 Cent on hand to unveil two new G8 performance sedans modified by Pirelli and Unique Autosports.

The Chevrolet brand is set to announce the launch of two new sport compacts as well as unveil the Impala SS NASCAR and Camaro Convertible concepts. There will also be a range of modified Silverados and Subaurbans.