Nissan has set itself a clear goal: to become a technology leader in the auto industry within the next ten years. We’ve already seen the launch of the new bird’s-eye view camera system and ‘self-healing’ paint on the Infiniti EX35 crossover but according to CEO Carlos Ghosn this is just the top of the iceberg.

Speaking with Automotive News, Ghosn revealed Nissan is working on launching 15 new technologies a year starting from 2009. Other gadgets in the works include drunken and tired driver detection systems, distance control systems, vehicle communication systems, ultra-clean catalytic converters and active lane departure prevention systems.

Of course, there’s also the onboard personal robot project. Previewed on the Nissan Pivo Concept, the in-car robot will greet drivers, chat with them about their day and notify them of driving issues, such as slippery roads and traffic speed. This is not just a toy Ghosn stressed, as it will eventually become a way for owners to bond with their cars like they would with a pet.