Each year the world’s top tuners take to Italy’s Nardo high-speed test track to find out which is the fastest. This year’s round included a diverse range of exotics as well as few odd choices, including a Maybach saloon and the fastest of the pack, a twin-engined Audi TT. However, one car stood out from the field as the most exclusive and sinister-looking, the Edo Competition prepped Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 Versione Nardo.

Each contestant has just three laps of the circular track, the first one as the warm-up lap, the second one as the high-speed lap and the third one as the cool down lap. Edo’s 663hp V12 powered LP640 went on to reach 345.7km/h (214.8mph) in 6th gear on its second lap, the fastest ever recorded top speed of a Lamborghini.

To achieve this Edo only need to apply small modifications like an ECU recalibration, new high flow air filters and high performance catalytic converters specifically designed for the LP640.

Engineers are now working on the next stage of development: 700hp and a targeted top speed of 360km/h (224mph).