The Nardo track is a high-speed circuit where cars from around the world come to test their top-speed capabilities. It even plays host to a tuner showdown each year. AC Schnitzer’s GP3.10 gas-powered is no stranger to the Nardo track, as we’ve covered before. But this time you can see the action and ride along as the BMW 3-series based GP3.10 sets the speed record for gas-powered vehicles. Video after the jump.

A 552hp modified BMW M5 V10 engine powers the car, which runs on pure liquid propane gas (LPG). Zero-60mph times check in at 4.6s. Top speed, as proven in the official video below, is a blistering 197.7mph (318.1km/h). In addition to being wicked fast, the use of LPG reduces emissions of the car by 15 percent.