More details are starting to emerge surrounding Hennessey’s upcoming supercar including this latest image of the car’s rear. We already now that its powertrain will be based on the 1,000hp (745kW) twin-turbo 8.5L V10 unit from Hennessey’s Dodge Viper Venom, but according to the maker’s website there’ll be an optional kit with 1,200hp (895kW) all up. If you need to know, there’ll be 1490Nm (1,100lb-ft) of torque available as well.

With a final kerb weight of only 1,225kg, expect to see several acceleration records fall, assuming all that power can be put to the ground. Hennessey claims will see the car reach 100km/h from rest in just 2.5 seconds and up to 300km/h in around 14 seconds. Top speed is a claimed 421km/h (260mph).

The car will feature a mid-engine, rear-drive layout with seating for two. A conventional six-speed manual will come as standard but a sequential six-speed version will also be offered. Brakes will consist of 14in carbon rotors with six-piston calipers up front and four-pot units in the back. The coefficient of drag will be 0.39cd with the rear wing fully extended.

If produced, the car will also be offered in RHD and come with driving instructions to ensure customers will be able to make the most of the thousand-plus horses. Hennessey will even throw in a matching luggage set.

There are currently plans for two separate concepts, the first of which could be shown to the public in 2009. If there is enough demand production will start at the company’s Lonestar Motorsports Park facility just outside of Houston.


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