Stretching the meaning of the word ‘used’ to its most technical limits, Japanese car auction firm Aucnet has sold a barely-driven GT-R at auction. The pearl-white GT-R sold for 10.4 million Japanese yen, which works out to roughly US$94,000 or €63,945 - about US$25,000 over the base MSRP of $69,850.

Although the GT-R’s mileage is unknown, it’s unlikely to be more than a few thousand miles at the absolute most. Aucnet says this is only the third time in its history that a used car sold for more than the new-car price. The others were a 1987 Nissan Be-1 and a 1990 Honda /Acura NSX.

While this is about the same premium buyers are paying for the right to purchase a new Dodge Challenger, the first batch of GT-Rs have already sold at MSRP in Japan, and hopefully will do so in the U.S. when it finally shows up in June of next year.