America’s Factory Five Racing has created a do-it-yourself kit car, which owners can build with the powerplant of their choice. The GTM is a ready-to-drive V8 powered, mid-engined car with a composite body shell and an aluminum and steel tube frame chassis. The car’s final kerb weight is 2,250lbs (1,020kg).

The car uses GM Performance engine and suspension parts with four-corner coil-over shocks, huge brakes and a Porsche 911 transaxle. Its handling and braking system is derived from the Chevrolet Corvette C5, and includes 13in rotors up front and 12in discs up back.

The car is engineered to be built as a chassis kit, and has more than three years of engineering and development work. Despite being a kit car, it still comes fully equipped with a quiet and refined cockpit with air-conditioning, power windows and leather trim.


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