Kit car specialist Factory Five Racing is developing a new model to replace its aging flagship, the GTM.

The company, based in Wareham, Massachusetts, this week provided a first look at the design of a new model which goes by the name F9R. The version shown here is designed for the track but a tamer, street setup has also been designed. Responsible for the design was Jim Schenck, along with Phil Frank, who penned the Saleen S7 supercar.

The F9R is officially a concept but a completed chassis was shown in November at the SEMA show and FFR said it aims to start production by late 2020 or early the following year.

Factory Five Racing F9R concept

Factory Five Racing F9R concept

Unlike the mid-engined GTM, the F9R mounts its engine at the front. The car is being developed to suit a variety of engines, namely small-block Ford and General Motors V-8s, and at the SEMA show its chassis was presented with a 9.5-liter V-12 generating 750 horsepower and 700 pound-feet of torque. The monster engine is the creation of Australia's V12LS and built from a pair of LS1 V-8s.

FFR started work on the F9R (previously GTF) in early 2018 to trial new development techniques implementing computer-aided design and milling machines, as opposed to its more traditional method of hand-making parts. The car features a new lightweight chassis that should help the team achieve a target weight of only 2,400 pounds. Also helping to achieve the feat is a planned carbon fiber body.

FFR is now working on a prototype which the company intends to start testing in the first quarter of 2020. Production will be dependent on the results of the prototype testing and whether a supply deal for the carbon fiber body can be secured.