Two of America’s most famous motorsports companies, Nelson Supercars and Mosler, have developed a new tuning package for the Mosler T900S. The Amercian supercar was already producing up to 600hp in some guises but thanks to the latest upgrade power levels now be adjusted all the way to 1,800hp using a button in the cockpit.

The mid-engined MT900S runs a Corvette Z06-derived LS6 V8 and weighs just 2,500lbs. To put this in perspective, the Nelson Racing Mosler MT900S produces 800hp more than the Bugatti Veyron and weighs 1,630lbs less.

To achieve its power, the car uses dual fuel and turbocharging technology. Full boost pressure of 13psi delivers 1,800hp and 1,710ft-lbs of torque. In April, Car and Driver Magazine took a mere 600hp version for a test drive, which boasted a 0-60mph time of 3.1 seconds. They commented that the car was “violently quick” and had “race-car reflexes.” We suspect this version will be significantly quicker, as long as it can get all that power to the ground.