If you’re one of the legion of car fans out there who idolize Lamborghini’s Reventon but actually have the money to buy one and missed out on getting your name down for one of the twenty cars in production, you may be in luck because a car leasing company actually has one of the ultra rare cars in its books. Connecticut-based firm Putnam Leasing is currently offering a Reventon in its lease program but driving away in the uber Lambo or any other exotic for the matter still requires a six-figure deposit.

To lease the 650hp Reventon, Putnam requires a $300,000 and a monthly fee of $14,869 over a minimum of 84 months. Not bad considering the actual Reventon is priced at a cool €1 million ($1.47 million).

If the Reventon isn’t to your liking Putnam will customize a lease on any exotic or collector car. A classic Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing or the brand new Aston Martin DBS, for example, will set you back a $55,000 deposit and a mere $3,050 per month over the same 84 month.