It seems every month there’s a new story about Bugatti adding a second model to its lineup but until now these supposed new models have never surpassed the current Veyron supercar in terms of performance or price. The latest rumored Bugatti is tipped to overshadow not only the Veyron’s uber €1 million price tag but it’s also claimed to output 1,175hp and reach speeds in excess of 400km/h.

The guys at Auto Motor und Sport have come up with a series of drawings of the car, which shares more of a resemblance with a Le Mans racer than a luxurious grand tourer. That’s because the new model is designed for the race track, but if built it will still be a fully capable road going car. If built, expect to see a Nurburgring track time of around 6m 40s.

According to the source, the project is yet to receive the green light and is still carrying its skunk works title of ‘Project Lydia’ – the name of Bugatti’s wife. The car was originally due for release next year with a rumored price tag of €2.5 million but VW Group CEO Martin Winterkorn has apparently put the project on hold.