The race cars of the GT500 class in the Japanese touring car series (JGTC) have some of the most extreme aerodynamic and powertrain packages in the business and the latest iteration of one of the event’s legends, Nissan’s GT-R super sports car, doesn’t fail to live up to the standard of past heroes. Nissan first unveiled the racer at a press event earlier in the month but today at another event in Tokyo full specifications for the car were detailed.

Four teams will enter the R35 GT-R for this year’s Super GT series in replacement of the current 350Z-based race cars. Virtually every component of the road going car has been improved or replaced, including the potent twin-turbo V6. The engine is still too new for race teams so instead they stuck with the current 4.5L normally-aspirated V8 mill. The car also sports a six-speed sequential transaxle and RWD layout as per the rules of the series.

The V8 engine still develops the maximum allowable 500hp, even with air-restrictions, and its torque levels are far beyond the 376lb-ft figure announced today. The first race of the season kicks off at Suzuka on the 15th of March and there’s a scheduled nine events all up on the calendar.