German tuning company WaM, short for ‘WheelsandMore,’ is best known for its outrageous wheel designs but the tuner has proven that it can match the big boys like Brabus and Lumma with its latest performance upgrades for the AMG CLS55. The latest package includes the tuner’s trademark flashy wheels but it also comes with a bevy of useful aero and power mods.

The most striking feature of the car is the 20in chrome wheels. Take a close look and you’ll notice they’re lined with hundreds of Swarovski crystals, and if you are so inclined WaM will even replace the crystals with actual diamonds. The car also gets a set of new bumpers with larger intakes, carbon-fiber accents including a new grille and exhaust tips, and a suspension lowering kit to finish it off.

Engineers have also worked over the engine, managing to squeeze out a healthy 600hp (450kW) thanks to some modifications to the supercharged V8. The list includes reprogramming of the ECU, the addition of high-performance camshafts and stainless steel exhaust system plus a new high-flow air filter. Top speed is now a claimed 320km/h.

How much for all this bling? The price for the package starts at €175,000 and that doesn’t even include the car.