Pictured above is a one-off shooting brake version of the Maserati Quattroporte saloon that was developed as a 1:4 scale model and is dubbed the Maserati 'Cinqueporte'. The concept is the creation of StudioM and StudioTorino and was commissioned on behalf of an Arab customer who has in the past purchased unique one-off Ferrari wagons for use in the desert.

The model features a two-tone paint scheme with white used on most of the body and glossy black reserved for the B-pillar, door mirrors and window frames. The front end also gets a revised bumper and air dam as well as large air intakes for the hot desert conditions. The car’s mechanical package will remain unchanged for the actual production version. New features inside include a new set of folding rear seats, reports Italiaspeed.

There are no plans for official production to start but at least one model will be built and sold to the Arab buyer. Neither StudioM nor StudioTorino have disclosed any pricing information or when the vehicle will be delivered but expect the final price tag to be beyond €350,000. Such a figure is not unheard of for a custom creation from StudioM.