• StudioTorino's Moncenisio Porsche Cayman

    The Porsche Cayman is generally considered one of the finest sports cars on the face of the planet, usable every day but a riot when you're in the mood. Its only real problem is ubiquity--Porsche will sell tens of thousands of the things over coming years, many of which will be as good as identical. ALSO SEE: 1968 Ford Mustang Gets A 443-WHP Turbo 2JZ Swap: Video Those wishing to stand out can turn to a roster of high-end coachbuilders, all promising to make the Cayman unique. One of those is Studiotorino, responsible for the recent Mercedes SL Shooting Brake, and last turned its attention to...

  • Mercedes-Benz SL Class-based CoupeTorino design study by StudioTorino
    Design Students Turn Mercedes-Benz SL Into Stylish Shooting Brake: Video

    Italian design students recently got a chance to ply their burgeoning skills on a real-world concept. The design house StudioTorino teamed up with Mercedes-Benz to build a rather unique concept version of the automaker's SL Class. Swapping out the folding roof for a fixed version allowed the...

  • The Coupetorino
    Studiotorino Converts Mercedes SL Into CoupeTorino Concept

    What do you get when you combine German engineering with Italian design? One example is the stunning CoupeTorino, a re-design project by Alfredo Stola of StudioTorino. Based around the Mercedes SL, the CoupeTorino takes a solid platform and turns it into a work of art. Submitted as a proposal to...

  • Maserati 'Cinqueporte' shooting brake concept
    Maserati 'Cinqueporte' Shooting Brake Concept

    Pictured above is a one-off shooting brake version of the Maserati Quattroporte saloon that was developed as a 1:4 scale model and is dubbed the Maserati 'Cinqueporte'. The concept is the creation of StudioM and StudioTorino and was commissioned on behalf of an Arab customer who has in the past...

  • Studio Torino’s Cayman-based RK Coupé
    Studiotorino’s Cayman-based RK Coupe

    One of the problems with many of the Euro-tuners is that their cars are often considered gaudy because of the huge wheels and overcreative bodykits. Sure, they may go like stink, but there’s not a whole lot of class to it. That’s why we really like the work done by Italian based Studio...

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