Although the days of Toby Halicki's 40-minute chase scenes seem to be long and lamentably gone, his production company has licensed the latest incarnation of Eleanor for reproduction.

That means that Joe Public can get his very own Eleanor for the meager sum of $139,900. And this isn't (necessarily) some restored rust-bucket; these are brand new cars.

Using reproduction 1967 Mustang Fastback bodies licensed from Ford enables the Classic Recreations crew to build new Eleanors without sacrificing original Mustangs. That saves a good bit of cost and labor, and the modernization that's possible building up a new body makes up for the slight lack of authenticity. Those who insist on the real thing can use a Classic Recreations-sourced original 1967 Mustang body.

The 535-horsepower, fuel-injected model manages the 0-60 mph sprint in just 4.9 seconds, but those with another $50,000 to burn can upgrade to the supercharged 770-hp model for a cool $189,900. The extra power requires a modified rear suspension, but both versions get modern coil-overs, fuel injection, oversized slotted and cross-drilled Baer brakes, and their 410-cubic inch motors are built by Keith Craft Racing.

Power goes to the rear wheels through either a Tremec TKO manual or an automatic transmission, and it then gets distributed evenly between the rear wheels via Posi-Traction.

Under hood and interior treatment give the car every little tweak necessary to bring it in line with the movie car, it seems.