Although we know next to nothing about it and a second-hand sketch from a few days ago is the only idea we have as to its appearance aside from the vague outline in the picture above, the Saab 9-1x is coming to Geneva. Presumably a competitor to the likes of Volvo's C30 hatchback and the BMW 1-series (as it exists in Europe), the 9-1x will likely remain a mystery until next month's debut.

Of course, embargoes do break, and when they do, it's often with gratuitous press shots and complete information. But the newest Saab doesn't seem like it's prone to such tomfoolery - GM seems to be managing its release very smoothly. First the teaser sketch that happened to be left lying about as some journalists tour a design studio, then the first teaser image - just wait a few days and see if more don't follow.

With all the hype GM is obviously trying to build around the new 9-1x, we hope it's worthy. It's always nice to be pleasantly surprised by a vehicle that wasn't expected. But the disappointment that accompanies the anti-climactic reveal of a heavily hyped and ultimately unexciting car is something we've come to know all to well.

For more background on the 9-1 concept and platform - including a possible hybrid - read our previous coverage. For the latest sketch of the supposed 9-1x, check out our story from Wednesday.