Anyone who’s restored a classic car knows how hard it is to find a stereo with all the modern features we’ve become accustomed to but retains the original look of audio devices from past generations. RetroSound helps solve the problem with its new ‘Model One’ media player, essentially a device with modern technology hidden behind a classic fascia.

The Model One can be configured to fit virtually any dash opening and comes with a pair of chrome knobs that can be adjusted for exact fitting. It comes with plenty of modern gadgets including a USB port on the front panel for a flash-drive MP3 player, an auxiliary port, a CD changer controller (the CD player is a separate device that can be stored in the boot), an AM/FM tuner, an LCD display and optional remote control. RetroSound also develops a range of powerful yet compact speakers (only 1.77in deep) that can be discretely fitted into existing speaker recesses to give you big speaker sound without unsightly woofers placed all over the cabin.