Dealerships around the world have been taking in pre-orders of the model that many hope will revive Jaguar's ailing sales and reputation. The XF, designed as a replacement to the S-Type, goes on sale March 10, but already 10,000 people have reserved their seat behind the wheel.

With the replacement of the S-Type, the worst remains of Jaguar's oft-belittled last generation is the X-Type, which should be sold off within the next month. Sales of the XF sedan will move into high gear as the sales launch nears, and already dealers are being told of more powerful engine options that will be available in 2010. Those who have to have their XF now won't be shortchanged, however, as the standard car will get a 4.2L V8 and start at just $49,975 in the U.S, reports Automotive News.

The United States accounts for 3,000 of the 10,000 pre-orders already taken by dealerships around the world. With a powerful V8, a reasonable price, a sexy new modern look and a Jaguar-worthy interior, it's no wonder the lines for the new car are so long. But initial sales aren't equivalent to final success. Jaguar has to keep the ball rolling in terms of sales, quality, features and price in order to continue in the new market. The XF is a good start, and the upcoming 2010 refresh of the XJ sedan, along with the new high-performance engine lines should prove to continue Jaguar's new upward trend.

Also interesting in the XF's debut is how the pending sale to Tata Motors seems to be having none of the depressing effect on Jaguar's image or sales that many pundits and dealers predicted. In fact, the infusion of new capital and getting the brand away from the corporate influence of Ford - the company's tenure as owner of the British marque was checkered, at best - may be having a positive influence on public perception of the future of Jaguar.