Ten years ago the world was rich in Japanese sports cars. Skip forward today and the true Japanese sports car has become a rarity, with the Nissan GT-R being the most noteworthy example of late. Japanese automotive powerhouses Toyota and Honda have both been found lacking in this area, Honda having had no real sports car since the S2000, with the Integra and Civic Type-R completely lacking the caliber of Honda sports cars of the past. Honda is now planning to revive its famous nameplates from the past, going for a strategy that will cover the low, medium, and high-end sports car market.

When it comes to Japanese supercars, no discussion can end without mention of the famous NSX. Promised to be a competitor to established Europeans like Ferrari and Porsche, the next-gen model is aiming to join the ranks of the Nissan GT-R and the upcoming Lexus LF-A in a trio of Japanese glory. While a design is still uncertain, power is aimed at being over 500hp with all-wheel-drive and four-wheel steering added for high-speed cornering abilities according to Honda chief Takeo Fukui. Expect this to hit the streets around 2010.

For those who liked the CR-Z concept, a new CR-X based on this will make an appearance in late 2009. The car’s development is apparently already 90% complete and will be an exciting prospect mixing both sports and hybrid ideologies. Power figures are still yet to be decided but rumors of 250hp+ seem to be likely.

Lastly, Honda’s only current sports car, the S2000, is still around but is definitely at the fag-end of its shelf life, with last-minute special-editions released to help spike sales (think S2000 Type S and S2000 CR). It seems that the company executives are still undecided on whether the replacement should be more about horsepower or agility, but expect nothing for at least 18 months.

Honda CR-Z concept