What may be the ultimate prepackaged Mustang hot-rod has been released by Obsidian in the form of its SG-One. Tube-frame construction with a stealth roll cage, twin superchargers on a hand-built engine and all the custom work a person could dream of inside and out mark the Obsidian SG-One as one-of-a-kind.

The most impressive feature of the SG-One is the engine - tuned to produce over 800hp (596kW) on standard pump gas, but tunable to reach over 1,000hp (745kW) on more exotic fuel, the 392 cubic inch (6.4L) twin-supercharged V8 also manages 750lb-ft of torque on pump gas. With a relatively lightweight tube frame underpinning things, the SG-One weighs in at approximately 3,000lbs (1,360kg) according to the company - despite being 7 inches (178mm) longer than a standard Mustang. Acceleration should be massive, the company estimating 0-60mph to take only 4 seconds.

Brakes, suspension and steering also get a completely custom and over-the-top treatment. Fourteen-inch Brembo discs at all four corners, clasped by four-piston calipers, RRS Phase 5 front coilover suspension, RRS three-link rear coilover suspension, a lowered center of gravity for better roll resistance and the engine has been pushed back in the chassis for better weight distribution.

The interior of the car is crammed full of every feature and techno-toy one could imagine. A 3,000W kicker sound system, 10.5 inch LCD touch-screen monitor that handles the car's electronics, a full four-point safety harness system, Recaro custom heated leather seats, luxury carpeting and sound proofing and a full two-seat conversion - just to name half the list.

Exterior modifications include what the company claims are 18 one-off tricks, from the unique obsidian black paint to headlights from a modern Mustang , LED tail lights, and a completely custom hood to get air to and heat out of the hungry forced-induction engine compartment.

The bad news: the SG-One isn't just one-of-a-kind, it's just one car. There will never be another made. The good news: it's for sale, provided you can shoulder aside all the other interested patrons.

Via: Jalopnik